Get a Lean and Shredded Body For Men

Jon Pearlman is a former #1 singles player for the the Harvard tennis team, two time All- Ivy athlete, ATP-ranked touring professional, and author of The Lean Body Manual.  Jon’s experience as a top tennis player and his passion for fitness and nutrition has made him uniquely positioned to be an advocate and ambassador for the lean body.  Jon’s lean body program on Mission Lean took over a decade to develop and draws from all areas of his expertise on fitness, nutrition, sports, and health.  Jon guarantees that Mission Lean is the only fitness program you will ever need if you’re serious about leaning down, getting shredded, and keeping the weight off forever.  This program will help you take your fitness, nutrition, confidence, and life to the next level.


ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer

ACE(American Council on Exercise) Fitness Nutrition Specialist