1476309139_editor-alarm-timer-clock-outline-stroke 5- 25 Minutes


1 Slice Baked Rye Bread (Cut In Half)

1 Handful Greens

1/4 Cucumber

1/4 Onion

1/4 Tomato

1/4 Avocado

Chicken/Turkey/Salmon/Sardines (Make Yourself or Buy Prepared)

Salt & Pepper


  1. Toast bread to make it crispy.
  2. Spread avocado like butter onto one slice of the toast.
  3. Wash greens and veggies.
  4. Add handful of greens and sliced up cucumber, onion and tomato on top of bottom slice.
  5. Add your protein (chicken, turkey, salmon, sardines.)
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  7. Cover with top slice and enjoy.

Use this sandwich recipe as a general template when creating quick, healthy, filling sandwiches for lunch (or dinner!)

Start with toasted bread. You can get it fresh from the bakery or purchase at the grocery store. Our favorite brand is Mestemacher Organic Rye Bread. You could also try Pumpernickel if you prefer.

Add avocado and vegetables (whichever are your favorites) to add nutrition to your sandwich and top it off with a protein.

You can bake chicken or salmon (or any other fish) yourself in 20 minutes and add it to the sandwich. Otherwise, you can get prepared meats or canned salmon/sardines (always choose wild and organic) at the store.

Try different combinations to keep variety in your diet.


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