Women’s Get Lean Program


-Get long, lean, beautiful muscles that are tight and toned

-Reduce hips, inner thigh, and belly fat

-Maximize fat loss with superfood meals that reduce cravings

-Transform your body & your life

HIIT workout plan for women- how to lose belly fat, how to lose thigh fat and get the lean body. 30 Day challenge that includes fat burning foods recipes.

Take the first step to changing your life. Leaning down is a matter of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Learn the fundamentals of how to manage all three in the scope of your busy life. This program includes workout videos and plans, nutrition tips and recipes, as well as information and lifestyle hacks to understand the building blocks of a health so you will never have to buy another diet book ever again.

The program includes:

  • 4 Weeks of comprehensive workout plans for quick and effective workouts every day of the week
  • Videos clearly explaining how to perform every single exercise with the correct form
  • 25+ Recipes to get your diet to the next level and help you eat clean
  • Motivational videos that are sure to get your mind set for your transformation
  • Instructional videos that will walk you through how to manage mistakes and roadblocks to ensure your success


4 Weeks Of:
– Healthy, nutritious recipes for clean eating
– High Intensity strength workouts that will have your body burning fat all day long
– Workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime
– Progressive cardio workouts so you never plateau
– Weekly exercise and meal plans to increase your metabolism
– Tips and tricks that help you lose weight fast
– Motivation and education to get lean and stay lean for life


1. Will I lose weight?
If that is your goal, then YES! If you follow the nutritional and fitness guidelines then you will absolutely lose weight. Eating cleaner and working out harder will get your body lighter and more toned. You will feel much more comfortable being in your skin.

2. How hard will this be?
It all depends on your level of fitness and level of commitment to getting lean. It’s going to be hard and you will have to be committed 100% in order to achieve results. Remember, if a workout program was easy then it wouldn’t transform your body. This is your body and your life, put in a real effort and you will get incredible results. Remember, you are worth it!

3. What if I want to work out on my own schedule?

You can choose your own workouts every day or you can follow our fitness schedule which is updated weekly based on your progress. We recommend you follow the schedule that has been designed since it takes into account the whole program and not just what you feel like doing today. However, if you feel advanced enough to be able to pick and choose your own workouts, then go ahead!

4. What happens after the 4 weeks are over?
You will have learned so much about exercise and nutrition that you will be able to take with you into the rest of your life. These 4 weeks will help you to start building a solid foundation of health that will never go away for the rest of your life. After you learn the habits, behaviors and thought patterns that you need to achieve a lean physique, you will become a whole new person not just by the way you look but by the way you think and act in the gym and even more importantly, in the world.

5. What can I eat on the diet?
A grocery list is included as part of the program to help you shop for the necessary ingredients to prepare our Mission Lean recipes. In general, you will only be eating whole, nutritious foods with plenty of produce, healthy fats, and lean protein.

6. I have special dietary restrictions, can I still do this diet and program?
We have clearly marked which recipes are vegan, dairy-free, and gluten free. You have many options to choose from depending on what your restrictions are. If you have allergies, please check the list of ingredients to make sure you don’t consume something you may be allergic to.

7. What equipment do I need?
You don’t need any equipment and you can do the workouts anywhere that you are.

8. How long is each workout?
Most of the workouts can be completed in less than 45 minutes (if you include warmup and cooldown). On the Low Intensity days, you can spend more time performing lower intensity exercise such as yoga– it is up to you.

9. I have a medical issue/ injury. Can I still partake in your program?
As with every new workout program, you should check with your doctor to make sure you are fit enough to partake in this program. The program is intense and may not be right for you. Only a licensed medical professional familiar with your situation will be able to tell you.

10. I’ve never been into working out nor have I ever heard of these exercises before. This seems very confusing. Will I be able to do the workouts?
Congratulations on deciding to make a healthy lifestyle change! Don’t be scared to start. Once you get the hang of some basic terminology and moves you will be working out intensely in no time.

11. I have allergies, can I still do the program?
First and foremost, check with your doctor to see if the foods on our Grocery list are ok for you to consume. Almost all of the recipes are made from single ingredient foods so you will know right away if you can’t eat a recommended dish. Usually, there is a way to replace the allergen with something else or simply not include it in the recipe and still enjoy the dish. Most of the recipes are created with vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts, seeds, and fruit.

12. I am a vegetarian/vegan… can I still do the program?
Definitely! Most of our recipes are plant-based and very rarely do we recommend eating meat or other animal products. When we do suggest a piece of chicken or turkey breast, you can easily choose not to add it or replace it with a different plant-based protein source.

13. I’m allergic to nuts. Can I still do the program?
Yes! Nuts are included in just a few recipes but can easily be removed or replaced with something else tasty and crunchy without sacrificing the integrity of the dish.

14. How much should I eat?
The recipes are written out as 1 portion. However, as you work out harder and get fitter in weeks 5-12, you may increase the portion sizes and listen to your body’s hunger/fullness cues.


24 reviews for Women’s Get Lean Program

  1. Cara S.

    I love this program. It has made me look at my life and habits in a whole new way. Needless to say I’ve gotten so much healthier (and LEANER) as a result.

  2. Kate

    I just finished week 2 and I feel the difference !!!!! Can’t wait to keep going.

  3. Christina

    I like to go for a run and then do the Mission lean workouts after when I’m warmed up. Lyuda says that’s the best way to do it anyways. The videos are easy to follow along and I feel the burn pretty quickly. And it burns so good lol.

  4. Michele W.

    Helpful tips for maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. I love doing these workouts and recipes are delicious. A well-deserved 5 star rating for Mission Lean!

  5. Caroline

    I did the workouts at home before going to work. Because they’re really short I could do the whole workout in about 45 mins… sometimes less if I skipped the stretching or warmup. And then just showered and went to work. This worked for me because otherwise I would never get to the gym.

  6. Kaitlin

    I just take my phone to the gym go into one of the studios and follow the moves. You don’t need any equipment so you could do it at home too but I like I add some weights so I do it at LA Fitness.

  7. Amanda S.

    The workouts are definitely challenging but after the first week I felt so much stronger already and the 2nd week was still challenging but in a really good way. I finished the program and feel so much stronger. The food and recipes are really good too.

  8. Chloe

    I am a model and my agent suggested I try these because she was doing the program herself. It has made my hips and thighs smaller — which is really important in my job with fittings and everything. Plus I think it’s a healthy program to follow.

  9. Maddie

    I thought the workouts were hard! I liked doing them, though and by the end of the program I was so much more fit. You get what you buy – a program that gets you lean.

  10. Aria

    I followed the first 2 weeks exactly and got tired. So then I took about 5 days off and started again. That worked for me.

  11. Elizabeth

    I’m all about energy and good energy , keeping mine up. eating and working out is a major part of that. The recipes are basically all plant based and I don’t think there’s a single thing with red meat So it’s really really good.

  12. Sharon

    Usually those programs are low carb and I’ve done the whole low carb, paleo and keto diets. But you can’t really work out or have energy to do anything on those and then it’s unrealistic to keep them going so you end up just giving up. Get lean does have carbs pretty much in every meal which was a shocker to me and I had to talk myself into eating them because I’m so used to avoiding eating carbs. But I’m glad I did because I feel like I’m already a lot healthier than when I started and I feel very strong.

  13. Marisa

    I’m obsessed with the “bowl” recipes. I prep them ahead of time and then make them in 5 mins. Makes going to school and classes that much more manageable. Because I really have no time for anything else. I liked a lot of the fish recipes too. I’m a vegetarian so I was happy to see so many options I could eat.

  14. Jessie

    I just did all the full body and arms an abs workouts and they did the trick for me.

  15. Adriana

    The first few times I did the workouts I was really sore but by the 2nd week I was knocking them out and couldn’t wait to keep going. Every one made me feel so strong. My favorite were the leg workouts but there’s abs and arms and full body ones too that you can do. They are arranged on a schedule but obviously you can pick and choose which workouts to follow. Also, you can get a list of the moves and reps instead of having to watch the whole follow along video which I really appreciated because on YouTube and other places you can get that. So the workouts were pretty easy to use and the recipes are pretty basic — just follow along the directions and you get your meal. I thought most of the dishes were good.

  16. Carolina

    My favorite thing about this program is actually all the videos. The workouts and recipes are great but the “resources” are truly a wealth of knowledge that if you watch would change your life. I dunno how I started watching them bc at first I only wanted to do the workouts but I’m so glad I did because my whole mindset has shifted in terms of how to diet and exercise. So if you get the program, don’t skip the videos — watch them all. It will help overall.

  17. Jennifer

    I thought I was a healthy eater but after learning everything in this program I realized there were so many things I was doing that weren’t good for me. Which is why I never really got the results that I was looking for. For example I used to eat so much cheese, and with this diet I stopped craving it altogether. At first I didn’t follow the plan exactly to a T but after about 10 days I really committed and then by the end of the program I started to feel amazing. Even my skin got better. Like everything improves — the workouts become more enjoyable, you look forward to the gym, etc etc. this has been a blessing in my life.

  18. Shawna

    These workouts are really unique and I have never done many of the moves before – at least not on a regular basis. Following the program helped me stay motivated and a few specific results I got was that I lost 2 inches from each of my thighs which is a lot in just a month. My stomach and hips got leaner too but the thighs were my biggest problem area so I’m amazed that this program helped bc nothing else usually does. I guess your results will depend on your body type but I’m really happy that I did this.

  19. Breanna

    I always get bored on diets and I did get a little bored towards the end of this but the workouts more than made up for everything. Every time you work out it’s different so I was targeting different muscle groups every time. This made my whole body toned overall. The workouts are definitely 2 thumbs up.

  20. Tyler

    I actually did this program over the course of a couple of months because you don’t have I follow it say by day you can do it how you want. And doing it slower worked for me. I didn’t have the pressure of having to do a workout even when I was tired. Instead I just did the workouts whenever I felt like it. You get to own the program forever so you can just do workouts however and whenever you want. I’m going to keep doing these.

  21. Ashley

    I lost about 10 lbs over the course of the four weeks which I don’t know if it’s typical or not but this program agrees with my body and lifestyle. The food was good and I actually enjoyed eating it. Also , once I started eating like this my normal cravings pretty much disappeared so that was probably why the weight came off so easily. The workouts def made me more toned – like I can see my butt and my arms are much more defined. Definitely feel like I got lean.

  22. Julie

    I’ve been trying to get lean for years and could never lose the weight around my middle. I think the most effective part of the program is the cardio workouts. I seriously felt like I lost weight in every one. I know that I probably didn’t. But it did feel that way. My stomach looked more flat at the end of the program and I could feel little six pack muscles there too.

  23. Andie

    I love to cook so I was excited to see what recipes would be in the program. A lot of fish, veggies, very plant based for sure. I enjoyed making them and by the end of the program I was tweaking the dishes with my own special touches which were still healthy ! I liked the desserts too. Also the fact that you actually get to eat dessert is pretty major. This is not a starvation diet , but teaches you basically how to eat.

  24. Alanna

    I have bulky legs and thighs and am always afraid of leg workouts because they tend to make my legs even bigger. But true to the descriptions, my legs started looking smaller by the end of the program. My thighs were leaner and so were my hips. Lean is the right word here. I felt light and lean at the end of this program and it’s a good plan for anyone looking to do this. I know a lot of girls want a bigger booty, which this doesn’t do— it gives you a rounder butt but not a bigger one. So if you want your a** to be higher and smaller use this, if you want a big butt you can probably just do squats.

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